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Inside Fertilizer Analytics: Phosphate Rock, Jul. 2021

July 1, 2021

The phosphate rock market has seen structural changes in Egypt, changes in Indian market dynamics and intriguing developments around projects in Israel, Australasia and China. How have these and other factors influenced our view of the phosphate rock market?

Join Claira Lloyd - Phosphate and Phosphate Rock Research Manager, Harry Minihan - Editor, Argus Phosphates, Claudia Wlk – Deputy Editor, Argus Phosphates and Tim Cheyne - VP, Fertilizers as they start with a look at structural changes in the Egyptian market and the timely addition of two new Argus phosphate rock export price assessments from Egypt and a new import price into South East Asia. We then assess developments in the Indian phosphate rock market, looking at pricing, demand side concerns, production levels and Indian buyers moving to source phosphate rock from Algeria, Syria, Senegal and Jordan. We review demand levels in South East Asia, liquidity issues, price increases and the factors influencing these market dynamics. We then pivot to the medium term view, analysing the intriguing situation in Israel where an ICL mine closure and significant ramp of production in two other mines could lead to Israel to becoming a net importer of phosphate rock by 2026. We then move to a short review of projects in USA, New Zealand and French Polynesia. We review the Yangtze river protection law impact on the phosphate rock market supply outlook. We finish with how we see phosphate rock prices developing in the mid to long term.

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